Product Overview

A Spinlok is a mechanical linear locking device designed to accommodate recliner loads typical of seats with integrated restraint systems. This device can be mounted either vertically within the seatback structure or horizontally within the seat adjuster or cushion structure.

The Spinlok can be incorporated as a single recliner to accommodate both forward seat belt and rear occupant loads or can be used in a dual sided system combined with another Spinlok, Mechlok or another Porter linear adjust product. The Spinlok can be released through a direct spindle attached to the Spinlok or through a remotely mounted cable control system. Stroke lengths and mounting sizes can be configured to suit applications above 75 kN of axial load. The Spinlok uses a variety of materials and processes to minimize the overall mass of the system. A power spring is also an integral part of this system providing the force necessary to return the seatback to the upright position and offers support to the occupant when reclining the seatback.

The Porter Spinlok utilizes patented technology to achieve locking and optimal performance characteristics. Locking of the device is achieved through engagement of a nut that has an internal Acme Stub thread conforming to threads on the Spinlok shaft. The Spinlok nut is contained by bearings at either end, therefore when disengaged, the nut spins or back drives as force is transferred through the shaft. Once the shaft has been positioned to the desired location the nut is re-engaged therefore locking the shaft and seatback into position. The Spinlok provides less than 0.8 mm increments of adjustment.

Spinlok Manual Recliner
used in VW T4 Captain Seat
Manual Spinlok Recliner Assembly
Power Spinlok Recliner Assembly

Key Product Features

  • Mechanical linear position adjustment
  • Capable of All Belts to Seat (ABTS) Loads
  • 75 kN Compression (higher loads possible)
  • Shaft can pivot relative to housing up to 1 1/2 °
  • Less that 0.8 mm increment of adjustment
  • Low mass
  • Tensile strength to mass to ratio = 75 N/g
  • Minimal linear chuck or looseness
  • Actuated with direct mounted spindle or remotely mounted control system
  • Stroke and mounting sizes to fit most applications
  • Available with natural metal or black finish
  • Applicable Patents: 5,689,995, 5,778,733, 6,116,103 and other Patents Pending

Performance Characteristics

Maximum Width31 mm
Compressive Load Capacity40 kN
Tension Load Capacity40 kN
Movement at +/-175N<1.0 mm
Fatigue Life at 1800N25,000 cycles
Life Cycle Operation10,000 cycles
Release Effort25N
Sliding Friction<35n
Mass @ 550 mm Length0.9 kg

Typical Applications

  • ATBS seat recline
  • ABTS seat height adjust