Rear Seat Folding Mechanisms

Product Overview

These systems are used for providing precise positioning of seatbacks for maximum rear seat occupant comfort as well as adjustment to allow maximum cargo space within the vehicle. Porter Rear Seat Folding Mechanisms are designed according to customer criteria and include features to ensure secure locking and slick operation. Recliner increments of 5° are provided for ABTS mechanisms and smaller increments are available on systems that do not carry shoulder belt loads.

These single and dual sided systems can accommodate almost any required range of travel and have positive locking capabilities in both directions. These systems have also been designed with smallest achievable profiles in order to accommodate the tightest vehicle and occupant constraints.

High strength steel and other materials are used to maximize strength characteristics while providing minimum overall mass. These materials are manufactured using progressive and fine blank stamping processes to provide efficient costs and lowest possible component variations.

mechanism in the fold down position
Mechanism in the fold down position
mechanism in the seated design position
Mechanism in the seated design position

Key Product Features

  • Recline increments of 5° on All Belts to Seat mechanisms, smaller increments available without ABTS
  • Secure locking features in recline and folded positions
  • Capable of sustaining conventional and All Belts to Seat Loads
  • Steel construction
  • Direct actuation or remote cable and handle released
  • Low cost & low mass
  • Travel and loads designed to suit most applications
  • Finish available in black, gray or natural steel color

Performance Characteristics

Rearward Load Capacity3000 Nm
Forward Load Capacity8500 Nm
Movement at +/-175N<0.3 mm
Fatigue Life at 1800N25,000 cycles
Life Cycle Operation10,000 cycles
Speed of Operation2- 4 mm/sec
Mass @ 320 mm Length1.25 kg

Typical Applications

  • Rear Seat Recline
  • Rear Seat Fold