Power Release

Product Overview

A Porter Power Release combines the reliable locking and adjustment of a mechanical system with the convenience and elegance of power. This system is used for providing precise positioning of seatbacks and other adjustment applications for passenger car and truck applications. This system requires the support of an operator to position the seat or steering wheel while an electrical switch is activated. This allows for convenient packaging of the switch on the seat, on the door, in the center console or wherever is preferred. This system also provides quick activation and re-lock of the mechanisms while drawing very low amperage from the vehicle power source. The Porter Power Release can be used in combination with a single, dual or multiple locking mechanisms.

A 12 volt linear power actuator is located in a convenient location and utilizes cables running through reinforced flexible conduit to transfer tension from the actuator to open release levers in a mechanism. This system has been developed to function with the patented Porter Mechlok but can be engineered to function with other traditional mechanisms and latches as well.

Key Product Features

  • 12 Volt electromechanical position control system
  • Infinitely adjustable w/ Mechlok
  • Provides positive locking in tension and compression direction
  • Actuates mechanism within 0.1 seconds
  • Peak current draw <8 amps
  • Steel and plastic construction
  • Activated by a remote switch
  • Low cost & low mass
  • Sizes and strokes to suit most applications
power release
Power Release connected to
Mechlok Recline System Release Systems

Performance Characteristics

Compressive Load Capacity25 kN
Tension Load Capacity15 kN
Movement at +/-175N<0.3 mm
Fatigue Life at 1800N25,000 cycles
Life Cycle Operation10,000 cycles
Speed of Operation2- 4 mm/sec
Mass @ 320 mm Length1.25 kg

Typical Applications

  • Seat recline
  • Seat tilt or height adjust
  • Steering column tilt & telescope
  • Seat headrest and extension adjust
  • Rear seat release