Power Actuator

Product Overview

A Porter Power Actuator is an electromechanical, linear locking device that combines a linear threaded shaft with a powered gear set. This system is used for providing precise positioning of seatbacks and other adjustment applications for passenger car and truck applications. This system can be used within a common structure interchangeably with the Porter Mechlok® with the addition of provisions for mounting of the motor and electrical switch.

These single and dual sided Power Actuators have a maximum stroke that can accommodate almost any range of travel and have positive locking capabilities in both directions. Each Power Actuators can each accommodate applications up to 25 kN of axial load. The Power Actuator is constructed of steel and structural plastic components and is available in a natural steel or black finish.

Flexible covered torque shafts are used to transfer torque from a 12 volt direct current motor to a worm gear within structural plastic housings. The worm gear drives a gear set within the same structural plastic housing that acts as a mounting system for one end of the actuator assembly. The gear set drives a threaded linear shaft that is axially fixed within the plastic housings. The shaft fits into a threaded nut at the opposite end which is axially fixed within a steel tube that acts as the mount for the other end of the system. The thread configuration is such that the system will not back drive when load is applied through the tube end.

Key Product Features

Power Linear Recliner System

Power Linear Recliner System

  • 12 Volt ElectroMechanical linear position control system
  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Non back driving gear reduced locking device in both linear directions
  • Fit and size similar to patented mechanical Mechlok® device
  • Up to 25 kN of axial load
  • Steel and plastic construction
  • Actuated by a remote switch
  • Low cost & low mass
  • Sizes and strokes to suit most applications
  • Finish available in black or natural steel color

Performance Characteristics

Compressive Load Capacity25 kN
Tension Load Capacity15 kN
Movement at +/-175N<0.3 mm
Fatigue Life at 1800N25,000 cycles
Life Cycle Operation10,000 cycles
Speed of Operation2- 4 mm/sec
Mass @ 320 mm Length1.25 kg

Typical Applications

  • Seat recline
  • Seat tilt or height adjust
  • Steering column tilt & telescope
  • Seat headrest and extension adjust