Product Overview

A Mechlok is a mechanical, linear locking device that combines the rod, housing, bushings, locking springs, actuated levers, and attach end into a fully integrated assembly. It consists primarily of a steel rod gripped by two locking springs that bear against specially configured holding bushings either welded to stamped housings or swaged into a surrounding tubular housing.

These single and dual mechanical locks have a maximum stroke setting that can lock at any position within the travel range and have positive locking capabilities in both directions. There are many sizes and strokes to suit all applications up to 12 KN axial load. The Mechlok has an all-steel construction and is available in a natural steel or black finish. A power spring can also provide a variable return force to return the Mechlok back to the extended position.

One end of the locking spring is positioned against the actuation lever. The other end of the locking spring is fixed. Rotation of the lever expands the locking spring inner diameter, sufficiently to allow the rod to be free to move in an infinite number of positions within the travel limit of the unit. Release of the actuation lever allows the locking springs to return to their original inner diameter to grip the rod, and lock the rod in position.

The friction between the rod and springs induces a gripping action. When a load is applied, the angle of the locking spring produced by the bushing increases the holding load occurring either in the compression or tension direction. The release lever is actuated either by an integrated spindle or lever or by a remote located mechanical control cable assembly.

Various Mechlok Configurations

Various Mechlok Configurations


Key Product Features

  • Mechanical position control locks
  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Frictional locking device in both linear directions
  • Up to 12 kN of axial load (higher loads available)
  • All steel construction
  • Minimal level of linear chuck or looseness
  • Actuated by a remote lever / button control or a direct mounted spindle lever
  • Low cost & low mass
  • Sizes and strokes to suit most applications
  • Finish available in black oxide coated steel finish or natural
  • Applicable Patents: 05441129, 05219045, 05157826, 05150771, 04880084, 04577730, 04457406, 04425987, 04411339, 3874480, and 5568843

Performance Characteristics

Ultimate Compressive Load12 kN
Ultimate Tension Load12 kN
Chuck/ Looseness @+/-175N0.3 mm
Fatigue Life at 1800N25,000 cycles
Life Cycle Operation10,000 cycles
Release Effort2-5 Nm
Sliding Friction<30n
Mass @ 220 mm Length0.4 kg

Typical Applications

  • Seat tilt or height adjust
  • Seat recline
  • Steering column tilt & telescope
  • Arm rest angle adjustment
  • Pedal position adjust