Always Fold Flat

Product Overview

The Porter Always Fold Flat system offers the luxury of providing convenient and constant angle of the seatback when folded down regardless of the reclined position. The fold down position is designed to suit the manufacturers preferred position whether horizontal or slightly inclined. This feature offers customers the convenience of placing the seatback into a useable folded position without adjusting the reclined position as required with most systems. This system can be combined with a Porter manual Mechlok or power recliner system to provide infinite recline adjustment in combination with convenient fold flat positioning. This system can also be adapted to other linear or rotary recline systems as well.

This system is designed with a link to the lower seat structure which provides a reference for the folded position so as the seatback is reclined, the linkage adjusts stops in the fold flat mechanism to keep a constant fold down angle. Converging angles on the pawl and upper arm sector provide for elimination of chuck and unwanted looseness. Though this system has been designed to accommodate a total of 2000 Nm in either direction, it can be altered to carry higher or lower loads if required. This system can also be applied with a single or dual side latch and can have a direct release lever or have a remote mounted release.

seat back in reclined position
Seat back in reclined position
seat back in folded flat position
Seat back in folded flat position

Key Product Features

  • Mechanical seatback folding system offering constant horizontal position when folded
  • Infinitely adjustable recline when combined with Porter manual or power recline system
  • Available with single or dual side latching
  • Direct release lever or remote mounted release available
  • Sizes and strokes engineered to suit most applications
  • Finish available in black, phosphate/oil or natural steel color
  • Patent Pending

Performance Characteristics

Rearward Moment Capacity1750 Nm/system
Forward moment Capacity1750 Nm/system
Movement at +/-28 Nm25,000 cycles
Fatigue Life at 145 Nm10,000 cycles
Release Effort25 +/- 10 N
Range of Recline60 degrees
Dual Side Mass1.70 kg

Typical Applications

  • Front passenger seat systems
  • Rear passenger seatbacks with recline